College Recruiting

As a company built and grown in Michigan, we know that the midwest is often overlooked when people think of innovative, exciting, technology-centered job opportunities. We also know what they're missing.

Meet with Us!

We're touring colleges in the midwest, looking for our next generation of problem-solving, hard-working, well-rounded soon-to-be-grads. Whether you're studying engineering, computer science, IT, product design, chemistry, or a more niche program, we want to meet with you.

At Gentex, we're developing a wide range of products. We cut the glass, invent and mix the chemicals, design and build all of the circuit boards, develop and refine the software, create the housing, assemble the products (each version unique to the automotive manufacturer's requests), and constantly work to make sure we're doing everything in this process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Sound like something you'd like to be involved in, but not sure where you'd fit in our team? If you're an innovative thinker who works well in a team environment, we'll help you figure it out.

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