About Us

Our innovative team of research scientists, chemists, electrical and mechanical engineers, software programmers, and others are continually advancing the function and performance of our electro-optic products.

What We Do

Gentex develops and manufactures high-quality products for the automotive, aerospace, and commercial fire protection industries that primarily utilize the skills of electronics/microelectronics, software design/programming/engineering, chemistry, glass coating/fabricating, mechanical design, and electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering. The main product areas include auto-dimming rearview mirrors with advanced electronic features, including CMOS imagers/cameras for the automotive industry, commercial fire protection products for the U.S. market, and dimmable aircraft windows.

Because we invented the electrochromic mirror industry, we also had to develop the supply base, manufacturing techniques, and testing methods. We are now leveraging this experience to engineer other applications for current AND future markets.

Gentex Core Competencies

  • Microelectronics manufacturing, including wire bonding, wafer probing and lensing
  • Board-level surface-mount and through-hole electronics manufacturing, including double-sided boards
  • CMOS imager/camera development and manufacturing
  • State of the art vision systems that have become an automotive industry benchmark
  • Microphone development and manufacturing – single/dual array microphones and digital signal processing interface
  • Glare control
  • Sensor and transceiver manufacturing
  • LCD display integration, optics and backlighting
  • Driver interfaces for telematics
  • Lighting and signal development and manufacturing
  • Windscreen/wire management system design and development
  • Chemical development and fabrication
  • Glass bending, processing and fabrication
  • In-line vacuum coating development and application
  • Automated assembly and machine design