Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Gentex is committed to building a culture of inclusion where every team member belongs, is valued for their unique contributions, and can do their best work. Our desire is to cultivate a world-class DE&I ethos that allows team members to make a lasting impact in the communities in which we operate, all while attracting and retaining diverse talent that can help propel the business forward.

The Gentex DE&I Council

Gentex’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives are supported by our DE&I Council, which helps implement specific diversity programs, supports internal training, and creates opportunities to spread awareness throughout the organization. The Council is led by Joe Matthews, vice president of purchasing and diversity officer.

Business Resource Groups


Gentex maintains a growing list of business resource groups (BRGs) comprised of individuals with similar interests or backgrounds that work internally to support one another, develop leadership skills, and enhance cultural awareness.  Current BRGs include Women at Gentex and Veterans at Gentex.



Supplier Diversity


Gentex’s diversity initiatives even extend into the supply base, where we’ve been recognized for our ongoing efforts to increase supplier relationships with local minority- and women-owned enterprises. In some cases, we’ll mentor key suppliers to help them develop the business systems and technologies necessary to support future growth.

For more information on Gentex’s commitment to diversity and corporate responsibility, visit our sustainability page.