Business Resource Groups

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Business Resource Groups (BRGs) were established as part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. Business Resource Groups are an integral component of Gentex’s commitment to driving change in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. We have two groups currently in existence: Women@Gentex and Gentex V.E.T.S.  

Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups help our employees become more engaged in ways to leverage diversity and increase inclusion. They foster communication between Gentex’s senior leadership and its employees, contribute to the development of our future leaders, expand our community outreach, and help strengthen our workforce and workplace.

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Create a sense of belonging within and across work groups and maintain an open forum for the exchange of ideas


Identify gaps and propose solutions for professional development opportunities for Gentex employees


Creating a liaison with a community organization that has a similar mission to the BRG

Women @ Gentex

Women@Gentex serves to be a catalyst for women to achieve their personal and professional purposes in career, community and marketplace.  This group is open to everyone at Gentex – if you are a woman, or an ally for women.   

Some of the initiatives Women@Gentex have organized include: 

  • Panel discussion on unconventional career paths 
  • Professional Development workshops 
  • Volunteer events – Resilience Adopt-A-Family 
  • Networking/social events 
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Gentex V.E.T.S.

Gentex V.E.T.S. stands for Veterans, Empowerment, Teamwork and Service. The Gentex V.E.T.S. vision statement is to equip Gentex Veterans with skills for success through coaching, mentorship, and development, develop partnerships with military organizations to identify Gentex as an employer of choice for Veterans, and serve Veteran organizations in our local communities.

Some of the initiatives the Gentex V.E.T.S. group have organized include: 

  • Fundraising for Grand Rapids Home for Vets 
  • Post-traumatic stress panel discussion 
  • Annual Veterans Day ceremony 
  • Bronze star status for the organization
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