Gentex is first and foremost a technology company, proficient in a wide range of core competencies that yield a unique fusion of technologies. We currently develop and manufacture custom high-tech electronic products for the automotive, aerospace, and commercial fire protection industries.

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But that’s just the beginning, because exploration, persistence, and discovery are words we live by.
Core Competencies

Gentex is highly vertically integrated to drive innovation. We’re skilled in:


  • Electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Vision Systems, Cameras & Sensing
  • Displays
  • Design and Engineering
  • Software Design
  • Chemical Development and Coatings
  • Glass Bending and Processing
  • Automated Assembly


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High-volume, high-quality electronics manufacturer.

Core competencies in microelectronics, vision systems, software design, chemical development, glass processing and coatings, microphones, automated assembly, and more.

Expertise in automotive vision and rearward visibility products.

20+ years of experience in CMOS imager development and supply.

Custom camera solutions and integration options.

Trusted, long-time supplier of high-quality, innovative, priceable and OEM-tailored electronic features.

Products for OEM integration, accessory programs and the automotive aftermarket.