Social responsibility has been a focus of Gentex from the start. From fire protection warning devices to automotive products that protect drivers, Gentex has always been in the business of safety. The Company incorporates environmental, social, and corporate governance issues into our decision-making processes and business policies.


Scott Ryan

Vice President, General Counsel,
Corporate Secretary, and Sustainability Officer


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Ongoing Initiatives
Environmental Policy

Gentex is committed to protect the environment by meeting relevant environmental legal and other requirements, and to strive for continual improvement in our environmental performance by seeking out smarter ways to minimize waste and prevent pollution.

With respect to minimizing waste and preventing pollution, priority is given to those opportunities that offer the greatest anticipated practical benefit while striving for continual improvement. Accordingly, objectives and targets are established and periodically reviewed so as to minimize, to the extent practical, the creation of waste, pollution and adverse impacts on the environment associated with company activities, products or services.

Protection of health and the environment is a company-wide responsibility. Management of each activity is expected to support our environmental management system and commit the necessary resources. Team members at all levels are expected to carry out their responsibilities as established by our environmental management system and to cooperate in company efforts.



ISO 14001 Information

Gentex is registered to ISO 14001, and is committed to protecting the environment. Additional information may be requested from Gentex and our suppliers to outline how specific products may impact the environment.

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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Resources

The following documents can be used to help ESG-focused investors find more information on Gentex's specific goals and performance.



Additional information may be requested from Gentex and our suppliers to outline how specific activities, products, or service may impact the environment. Suppliers who may impact the environment at Gentex may be asked to demonstrate competence by providing applicable environmental licenses and/or permits or by completing a Statement of Competence as outlined in the Gentex Supplier Manual.

Contact the Environmental Management representative with any questions regarding ISO 14001.


Supplier Diversity

Gentex’s diversity initiatives even extend into the supply base, where we’ve been recognized for our ongoing efforts to increase supplier relationships with local minority- and women-owned enterprises. In some cases, we’ll mentor key suppliers to help them develop the business systems and technologies necessary to support future growth.



All suppliers of chemicals must provide an accurate and current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with the initial shipment. Thereafter, all updates to the MSDS must be submitted to the Safety Coordinator at Gentex.

Contact the Gentex Safety Coordinator with any questions regarding safety issues.



All suppliers who have onsite representatives must have current liability insurance certificates on file at Gentex. These certificates must be updated annually.