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Gentex is expanding into Grand Rapids! In 2023, the company opened two locations in the Grand Rapids area. One location fosters technological innovation, and the other location supports manufacturing production.

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25 Ottawa Technology Hub

Located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, the Gentex Technology Hub is a workspace for engineering and software technologists to support the company’s growing business and expanding product portfolio.

The technology hub is located on the second floor of 25 Ottawa Ave., near Van Andel Arena. It is equipped with workstations, conference rooms, hoteling spaces, and common areas for collaboration and networking. In addition, employees will have access to a tenant-only fitness center, conference facility, and bike room.

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Cottage Grove Satellite Assembly Plant

The Gentex Cottage Grove manufacturing facility is located in the Madison Square neighborhood. The facility was opened to reduce the transportation barrier to employment as the facility is located near a city bus stop. Employees can walk, bike, or ride the bus to work. Gentex is also providing well-paying job opportunities to the neighborhood. 

The Cottage Grove facility produces electronic sub-assemblies and, when fully operational, will offer two shifts and employ 50 team members. For more information on hours and pay, check out  

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Gentex GR Jobs
If you are interested in working at a Gentex Grand Rapids location, visit for a full list of opportunities available. 

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