Collegiate Opportunities


We're touring colleges looking for our next generation of problem-solving, hard-working, well-rounded soon-to-be-grads. So come meet with us!

Whether you're studying engineering, computer science, IT, product design, chemistry, or a more niche program, we want to meet with you. As a company built and grown in Michigan, we know that the Midwest is often overlooked when people think of innovative, exciting, technology-centered job opportunities. We also know what they're missing.

Production Support Engineer Program

One way to jump-start your career at Gentex is through our Production Support Engineer (PSE) program. This role offers engineering graduates a unique opportunity to lead manufacturing teams, troubleshoot automation, improve manufacturing processes, assemble manufacturing equipment, and more. From there, you may move throughout the company. It’s the perfect starting point for a long, successful career at Gentex.


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