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Over the years, Gentex has systematically transformed itself into a technology company, vertically integrated and proficient in a wide range of unique core competencies. Today, Gentex is growing its product portfolio and transforming its tech not only for automotive uses, but also entirely new markets


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  • Gentex recently announced a partnership with PayByCar, an innovator in contactless, in-vehicle payment technology
  • PayByCar utilizes toll transponders to locate vehicles at participating gas stations and automate fuel transactions
    •    + Users register for PayByCar online
    •    + Toll transponder locates vehicles at gas station
    •    + Pump number confirmed via text message 
    •    + PayByCar turns on pump and executes transaction
  • Moving forward, PayByCar will also use Gentex's ITM® to identify vehicles at gas stations and complete fueling transactions with driver's smartphone


Electronically Dimmable Aircraft Windows
  • Gentex is the leading supplier of electronically dimmable windows (EDW) for aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus
  • EDWs are an electrochromic based sunlight and heat control solution
  • Passengers can adjsut the amount of light entering the cabin while still enabling them to look out the window at the environment
  • Gentex EDWs feature:
    •    + New, large window design
    •    + High-speed transition between clear and dark
    •    + New, ultra-dark low-end transmission
    •    + Eliminates 99.999% of visible light
    •    + Thin film coatings eliminate IR and UV light



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Smart Lighting image
Smart Lighting
  • Intelligent lighting uses a combination of CMOS imagers and focused LED pods to shine light when and where it's needed
  • Machine vision cameras could track the flight crew, selectively illuminating task areas without bothering passengers
  • Ideal for aisles, galleys cockpits, baggage compartments, etc.


  • The seatback-integrated biometric authentication system could allow passengers to securely access their personal flight information via an iris scan
  • The system could provide gate numbers and connecting flight information, access to entertainment accounts and automatic payment for in flight purchases
  • Gentex biometric systems could also be used for crew identification, flight attendant check-in and assignments, and cockpit access security


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Cabin Sensing
  • A comprehensive environmental sensing system using a variety of sensing methods that could be tuned to identify explosive or incendiary components during the boarding process for increased safety
  • The system could also monitor cabin air quality while detecting smoke, vape and other airborne contaminants



Smart Lighting
  • Gentex is partnering with Mayo Clinic to co-develop a smart lighting system for surgical and patient-care environments
  • Extension of Gentex's SmartBeam® technology
  • Allows medical staff to place focused illumination when and where it's needed
  • Hands-free, ceiling-mounted lighting units
  • Each unit combines outer-quadrant ambient lighting and dynamically adjustable task lighting
  • Banks of camera-controlled, dynamically adjustable LED arrays work in concert to optimize light in the defined surgical field
  • Still in development; targeting clinical trials in 2021


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RetiSpec image
  • Gentex recently announced a partnership with RetiSpec to commercialize technology for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease
  • RetiSpec is an artificial intelligence (AI) medical imaging company developing a tool for the early detection of disease biomarkers in the eye
  • Gentex plans to leverage its engineering, imager development, and manufacturing expertise
  • By harnessing hyperspectral imagery, RetiSpec's patented technology allows for the rapid, simple and cost-effective identification of Alzheimer's biomarkers years before the emergence of clinical symptoms