Corporate and Automotive Products Group

Gentex Corporation – Corporate Headquarters
600 North Centennial Street
Zeeland, MI 49464


Phone: 616.772.1800
Fax: 616.772.7348


Gentex Subsidiaries:

Gentex (Shanghai) Electronics Technology: +86 21 5768 5062
Gentex France: +33 (0)478 38 1134
Gentex GmbH, Germany: +49 7132 156 0
Gentex Japan, Inc: +81 52 954 2630
Gentex Technologies Korea: +82 2 782 4947
Gentex Mirrors, Sweden:  +46 70 594 1352
Gentex Mirrors United Kingdom: +44 24 7644 0293
Vaporsens: 616.772.1800

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Fire Protection Products Group

For all inquiries regarding our fire protection products, contact us at

11768 James Street
Holland, MI 49464


Phone: 616.392.7195
Fax: 616.392.9890


Automotive Product and Technical Support

For all automotive product and technical support questions, visit: Gentex Product Support

Anonymous Reporting Process

Gentex Corporation is an organization with strong values of responsibility and integrity. Our Code of Conduct contains general guidelines for conducting business with the highest standards of ethics.

To file an anonymous report, visit the following NAVEX Global site: EthicsPoint Reporting Site


Investor Relations and Media Contact

For more information, visit: Gentex's Investor Relations Website

For all investor, media, general company, and automotive inquiries:

Investor Relations
Gentex Corporation
600 N. Centennial Street
Zeeland, MI 49464 
616.772.1590, ext. 5814

Phone: 616.772.1590, ext. 5814