Cadillac CTS-V

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Digital Vision

Full Display Mirror (FDM)
Industry’s leading digital rearview mirror

  • Available on 61 different vehicles worldwide
  • Custom camera captures rearward-facing video; streams to mirror-integrated LCD
  • Provides unobstructed, panoramic view

Fully Digital Camera Monitoring System (CMS)

  • Digital Side and Rear Vision Solution
  • Exterior mirrors replaced by side-view camera pods
  • Side camera video fed to interior OLED displays
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Dimmable Glass

Dimmable smart glass for safety, convenience, and performance:

  • Gentex is the world’s leading supplier of automotive smart glass
  • Sunroof darkens on demand or in conjunction with system intelligence
  • Electrochromic glass and film-based solutions available
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Mirror-Integrated Iris Scanning System:

  • Mirror-integrated camera scans iris to identify driver and authenticate actions
  • Allows vehicle operation
  • Personalizes vehicle cabin
  • Authorizes cloud-based services and in-vehicle payments
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