Dimmable Glass

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Gentex’s electrochromic technology has the greatest opacity range from light to dark, the highest optical clarity, and allows for the most durable electrochromic devices in the market.


Large-Area Dimmable Systems

This year at CES, Gentex once again demonstrated large-area dimmable devices for in-vehicle lighting, sunload, and privacy control. Gentex's booth featured multiple vehicles equipped with fully functioning dimmable sunroofs, which darken on demand or in conjunction with system intelligence.

Intelligent Dimmable Devices

Dimmable Visors

New to the product lineup are driver and passenger-side dimmable sun visors. They fold down like a traditional visor but include a clear, dimmable panel that can variably darken as desired by the driver or passenger.

  • Darken on demand or automatically 
  • Reduces glare for driver and passenger
  • Maintains forward vision compared to a traditional visor
Dimmable Sunroofs

Gentex is introducing the next evolution of our auto-dimming sunroof technology - a panoramic, segmented sunroof.

  • Panoramic front and rear segmented dimmable sunroof
  • 4 dimmable quadrants
  • Provides driver and passengers with individual control
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