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Over the years, Gentex has systematically transformed itself into a technology company, vertically integrated and proficient in a wide range of unique core competencies. Today, Gentex is growing its product portfolio and transforming its tech not only for automotive uses, but also entirely new markets


The All-New eSight Go

The latest in a line of vision-enhancing electronic eyewear designed to help those with low vision regain sight.

Gentex utilized its expertise in digital vision, software development, and industrial design to help develop the eSight Go. The eSight Go will also be manufactured by Gentex and is currently targeted for launch later in 2023.

  • High-definition camera
  • Proprietary algorithms
  • Powerful processing
  • Two high-resolution, near-to-eye displays
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Gentex is partnering with RetiSpec to commercialize technology for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. RetiSpec is an artificial intelligence (AI) medical imaging company developing a tool for the early detection of disease biomarkers in the eye.

Gentex will provide its engineering, imager development, software, and manufacturing expertise to help commercialize the technology

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Gentex is partnering with Simplenight, a global technology company with expertise in customizable bookability.

  • Mobile "e-concierge" services
  • Book travel, entertainment, and more
  • Gentex to integrate Simplenight in its HomeLink Connect app
  • Can be integrated with branded OEM vehicle apps, nav systems, etc.
Dimmable Glass Technology

Large Area Dimmable Devices

  • Sunroofs
  • Sun visor


Small-scale dimmable devices that darken to:

  • Improve contrast and legibility for transparent displays
  • Conceal sensors
  • Dynamically adjust camera exposure