Concept Aerospace Technologies

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Gentex is raising the in-flight experience with concept technologies that identify hazardous airborne contaminants, optimize cabin lighting, and identify passengers to provide a personalized flight experience.


Biometric authentication allows passengers to securely access their unique flight information. A quick iris scan could provide:

  • Gate numbers and  connecting flight information
  • Access to entertainment accounts
  • Automatic payment for in-flight purchases
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Smart Lighting

Intelligent aircraft cabin lighting that uses a combination of CMOS imagers and focused LED pods to shine light when and where it’s needed.

  • Illuminate task areas without bothering passengers
  • Automatically optimize seat lighting for reading, eating, and working
  • Ideal for aisles, galleys, cockpits and baggage compartments

Another Gentex emerging technology in aerospace is a comprehensive environmental sensing unit.

  • Chemical and particulate sensing 
  • Uses a variety of sensing methods
  • Tuned to identify explosive or incendiary components
  • Monitors cabin air quality while detecting smoke, vape and other airborne contaminants
Smart Glass

Using proprietary transflective coatings, this mirror-integrated display concept can be used for flight-related information on private aircrafts.

  • Display integrated behind reflective glass
  • Perfect for displaying flight information and in-flight entertainment
  • Can be combined with biometrics for secure access to cockpit, safes, etc.