Electronically Dimmable Windows

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Gentex Electronically Dimmable Windows

Gentex’s electronically dimmable windows (EDW) darken on demand to cut sunlight and glare while still providing an exterior view. They improve the flying experience, aircraft design flexibility, and enable airlines to give their customers and crew more control over the view out of their windows.


Watch-Aerospace Dimmable Glass

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System Benefits

Infinitely variable states of darkening

Cuts sunlight glare

Still affords an outside view

Improves passenger comfort

Provides greater aircraft design flexibility 

Less maintenance than standard window shades 

Passenger Experience Improvements

Comfort and Convenience
Window-seat control allows the passenger to alter the amount of visible light entering the cabin. Unlike the binary function of a mechanical or electro-mechanical system, Gentex EDWs offer passengers the ability to reduce or eliminate glare from the window, all while maintaining a view of the passing scenery. 

For both business and commercial aviation customers, Gentex offers integrated wireless control, allowing seamless passenger control of the windows. 

Acoustic Attenuation 
Gentex EDWs further reduce acoustic transmission into the cabin through the sidewall window openings 

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OEM Benefits


Our aircraft windows are lightweight and self-contained with no moving parts, making them highly durable and easy to maintain.  



Unlike alternative technologies, our EDWs fail clear, making them FAA compliant for emergency exit integration. 


Greatest Dynamic Range 

Offers the industry’s highest dynamic visible light transmission range with >99.999% light blocking efficiency and very low haze, even off-angle. 


Cabin Heat Load 

Sunlight transmission is greatly reduced, lowering the heat load inside the cabin and enhancing the operating efficiency of the aircraft’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

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