Connected Car

Gentex offers multiple, scalable connected-car technologies that allow the vehicle to talk to the home, surrounding infrastructure, and more. Our car-to-home automation technology allows you to operate all your home automation devices with a simple vehicle-integrated button push. Our V2i platform lets your car pay for your toll road usage. And, it can all be secured with our biometrics system – a vehicle-integrated iris-scanning feature that enhances cyber security and allows for unprecedented levels of vehicle personalization.

HomeLink® Car-to-Home 

HomeLink by Gentex is the most widely used and trusted car-to-home automation system, with over 80 million HomeLink-equipped vehicles on the road today.


HomeLink consists of vehicle-integrated programmable buttons that use radio frequency (RF) and/or cloud-based wireless control to operate garage doors, gates, home lighting, thermostats, smart outlets, security systems, and other home automation devices.

HomeLink Can Operate:


  • Garage door openers
  • Security gates
  • Door locks
  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Security systems
  • Appliances
  • Thermostats
  • Smart outlets

RF Transmission


HomeLink uses RF transmissions to operate entry-critical devices such as garage doors and gates. It also can be programmed to activate security systems and home lighting. The latest version of HomeLink is our most sophisticated yet. We’ve improved package space, weight, programming ease and frequency range/accuracy.  It’s also a global solution, with a common module working in multiple markets. And, it’s capable of providing two-way communication to the vehicle, allowing it to acknowledge the last known garage door open/close status.

Cloud-Based Wireless Transmission: Introducing HomeLink Connect®


Today, HomeLink is getting even smarter. Introducing HomeLink Connect, a home automation aggregator app that allows automakers to offer drivers access to an increasing array of cloud-based, home automation services.

Drivers of HomeLink Connect-compatible vehicles can download and configure the app to control a myriad of individual home automation devices, or set up entire home automation “scenes.”

For instance, when heading home, one HomeLink button press could adjust your thermostat, turn on your lights, disarm the security system, unlock the door, and begin playing your favorite music.

Once configured, the app pairs with the vehicle, allowing users to activate vehicle-integrated HomeLink buttons without needing to fumble with their phone. Depending on how the OEM wants to integrate the feature, HomeLink Connect can be activated by hard buttons via a low-energy Bluetooth connection with the phone, or soft buttons created in the app that populate on the vehicle’s center stack once the phone is paired.

Uses Both RF and Cloud-Based Wireless Control


By offering a combination of RF and cloud-based wireless control, HomeLink remains the industry standard for comprehensive, reliable vehicle-to-home automation.

HomeLink and the HomeLink Connect app bring convenience to drivers around the world, with ever expanding compatibility and use cases. They also help automakers simply and securely integrated a robust home automation platform that provides drivers with an incredible connected-car experience.

HomeLink Connect Features + Benefits


Vehicle-integrated HomeLink buttons pair with mobile phone app to operate home automation devices.

Completely reprogrammable to control individual devices or entire scenes within the “smart things” eco system.

Allows you to interact with your smart home hub to control home lighting, door locks, alarm systems, thermostats, etc.

Operate multiple devices with a single button push.

One button can run and entire “scene” of commands (i.e. create a “coming home” scene that opens the garage door, turns on house lights, disarms security system, adjusts thermostat, begins playing music).

No need to access phone.

Can be integrated with OEM smart vehicle app and vehicle user interface.

Integrated Toll Module®

The Gentex Integrated Toll Module (ITM) is a nationwide toll collection technology for factory integration into new vehicles.


The system uses a mirror-integrated multi-protocol toll tag that provides motorists with access to any toll road throughout the U.S.  The system allows automakers to offer yet another connected-car feature to their customers and benefit from an ideal, high-performance transponder location. Motorists benefit by convenient, unfettered access to the country’s toll roads while eliminating toll-tag windscreen clutter and the need to manage multiple toll accounts.


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Automotive biometrics systems analyze physical characteristics (face, voice, fingerprints) to identify the driver prior to granting vehicle and/or information access.


Gentex biometrics consists of an iris-scan camera, near-infrared emitters, and system intelligence integrated into a rearview mirror assembly. It scans a driver’s irises and maps their unique pattern to a storable, algorithmic-based template that authenticates the user with every subsequent glance to the mirror.


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Theft Protection/Vehicle Operation


Authorized users could start the vehicle, with its operation modified for each different driver. In the case of an unauthorized driver, the vehicle could text its owner, limit functionality, or not operate.

Cabin Personalization


The biometric system could personalize the vehicle cabin according to user-determined presets for items such as:

  • Seat position
  • Steering wheel position
  • Mirror adjustments
  • HVAC controls
  • Music favorites
  • GPS locations

Secure Access to Cloud-Based Services


The biometric system could also sanction safe, secure access to a host of cloud-based, connected-vehicle services, such as:

  • HomeLink car-to-home automation controls
  • Integrated Toll Module and parking payments
  • Gas, coffee, fast food payments
  • Ride/vehicle sharing accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • On-line banking
  • Work files and virtual meetings
  • Health information