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Gentex understands the challenge of optimizing automotive vision. That’s why we develop and manufacture our vision systems based on multiple imager platforms, and why we implement scalable display solutions, helping the industry evolve from an analog to digital rear view. We don’t provide “black box” solutions; instead, we develop custom lighting-assist, driver-assist and rear-vision systems according to each OEM’s unique specifications by using imager and display solutions designed for your unique applications, performance requirements and price point.

Full Display Mirror® (FDM®)

The Gentex Full Display Mirror optimizes visibility by providing an unobstructed, panoramic rearward view. It also affords unique yet critical bimodal functionality.  It can operate either as a standard automatic-dimming rearview mirror or a rear video display.

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Why the Dual Mode?

Optimum Rear View

Display mode provides a radically improved rear view in order to enhance driving safety.  Camera view is not hindered by headrests, luggage, C/D pillars, small rear window, etc. 

Fails Safe

Mirror mode provides a permanent backup solution should the camera or display become non-operational.

Weather Conditions

Mirror mode may be necessary should camera become blocked due to dirt or ice. Viewing the Vehicle Interior – Mirror mode allows the driver to view vehicle interior, rear seats, passengers, etc.

Driver Preference

Drivers can choose to use mirror mode or display mode depending on preferences for different driving tasks.

Viewing the Vehicle Interior

Mirror mode allows the driver to view the vehicle interior, rear seats, passengers, etc.

Glare Elimination

Glare Elimination – Full auto-dimming function with mirror mode; interior mirror controls exterior dimming mirrors in either display or mirror mode.


Rear Vision System Leader

No one has more rear vision experience than Gentex, which is why over the years we’ve been the leading supplier of intelligent rear vision systems for OEM racing programs, including Audi, Nissan Motorsports, Toyota Gazoo Racing, Cadillac, Porsche Motorsports LMP1, and others.

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Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS)

To blend the benefits of cameras, mirrors and displays, Gentex offers hybrid and fully digital rear vision systems that use three cameras to provide comprehensive views of the sides and rear of the vehicle.


The side-view cameras are discretely housed in downsized exterior mirrors, and their video feeds are combined with that of a roof-mounted camera and stitched together into multiple composite views that are streamed to the driver via Gentex’s Full Display Mirror. The driver can choose between various viewing modes that present the three camera feeds independently or stitched together to form a single, wide-angle view.




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System Benefits

Enhanced Vision

Provides an unobstructed view of sides and rear of the vehicle.

Fails Safe

Mirror views available if the digital view is disrupted.

Fuel Efficiency

Smaller exterior mirrors offer weight savings, improved aerodynamics, and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Ready to Implement

Comprehensive system designed to meet automaker, driver, safety and regulatory requirements.

Cost Effective

No need to retool vehicle interiors to accommodate additional displays.


System can be integrated with side blind zone alerts and other ADAS functions.


Additional Features

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Gentex's mirror-integrated DVR is capable of continuously recording what’s in front, behind, and even inside the vehicle, delivering security and added peace of mind.

  • Always with you, fully integrated, with no suction cups, dangling power cords or screens to block your forward view
  • Multiple camera, video playback and download options
  • Add-on features like Bluetooth, WiFi, audio recording, and internal shock sensor



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Multi-View Trailer Cam

Using multiple wired or wireless cameras that stream video to the Full Display Mirror, our multi-view trailer camera system allows drivers to see around, behind, and even inside their trailer.

  • Wired and wireless auxiliary cameras for trailer tow and more
  • Monitor cargo, trailer, and passengers
  • FDM dual-screen mode allows drivers to have an unobstructed rear view while still maintaining visibility of their trailer



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Touchscreen FDM

New HMI and styling options. Simply touch the display to change your view!

  • Pinch to zoom, tilt, pan, adjust brightness, etc.
  • Quick-touch interface for access to features such as home automation or driver display presets



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Displays and Alerts

The mirror is the most logical, intuitive and cost-effective location to display information critical to the driving task. Over the years, we’ve integrated a wide variety of displays in the mirror, including VFDs, LCDs, LEDs, and active matrix video. Whether it’s compass, temperature, rear park assist, around view monitor, ADAS alerts, or rear camera display, Gentex can help you integrate it into the mirror.

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Custom Cameras for Machine Vision and Video


SmartBeam was the world’s first – and remains a best-selling – automatic high-beam assist system. Today, SmartBeam’s enhanced feature set provides unprecedented lighting- and driver-assist functionality in one compact, mirror-integrated module.


SmartBeam Functionality

  • High-Beam Assist/Auto High Beam
  • Dynamic Forward Lighting/Constant-On High Beam
  • LED Matrix Beam
  • Village Detection
  • Motorway Detection
  • Tunnel Detection
  • Fog Detection
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Custom Cameras for Automotive Video

Gentex understands the challenge of optimizing rear vision. That’s why we develop and manufacture our own imager systems tailored to support integrated features, performance requirements and OEM specifications. From basic imagers for standard rear vision systems to advanced megapixel cameras that support ADAS features and integrated graphics, we’ll develop the imager system that’s right for you.