Dimmable Glass

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Gentex dimmable glass systems utilize electrochromics, which is the science of darkening a material using electricity. They contain a chemical formulation known for their time-tested chemistry and durable device construction. Gentex’s electrochromic technology has the greatest opacity range from light to dark, the highest optical clarity, and allows for the most durable electrochromic devices in the market.

Interior + Exterior Auto-Dimming Mirrors

During nighttime driving, Gentex mirrors use sophisticated light sensors, proprietary gels, and microprocessor-based algorithms to detect mirror glare and automatically darken to the precise level necessary to preserve driver vision. They are must-have automotive active-safety features.

Over the years, Gentex has helped automakers deliver dozens of additional features through its mirrors, including:

  • Displays, alerts and signals
  • Lighting
  • Microphones
  • Forward-facing cameras
  • ADAS components
  • Telematics components
  • Car-to-home automation
Dimmable Automotive Components

When it comes to smart, self-darkening glass, one thing is clear: future mobility systems will accelerate the need for and use of smart dimmable devices, prompting an ever-expanding number of features and use cases.

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Self-Dimming Sunroofs and Moonroofs

Self-dimming sunroofs and moonroofs help keep the vehicle cool and increase the life of interiors. They can even help lower CO2 emissions by decreasing air conditioning use, thus improving fuel efficiency. They can darken on demand or automatically when combined with system intelligence.

Dimmable Visors 

New to the product lineup are driver and passenger-side dimmable sun visors. They fold down like a traditional visor but include a clear, dimmable panel that can variably darken as desired by the driver or passenger.

  • Darken on demand or automatically 
  • Reduces glare for driver and passenger
  • Maintains forward vision compared to a traditional visor

Dimmable Combiner HUDS

Dimmable combiner HUDs (Head-Up Displays) prevent sunlight, glare and stray reflections from interfering with the display. Sunload sensors and related control algorithms constantly monitor ambient and glare light conditions, continually adjusting the HUD glass transparency in order to optimize visibility.


Sensor Shrouds

Dimmable sensor shrouds consist of reinforced glass panels that darken on demand or automatically according to sensor function. They work to conceal and optimize the operation of forward-facing cameras, optical systems and the ADAS sensor farm.