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Gentex is providing camera-based monitoring for today through autonomous using mirror-integrated cameras and emitters that provide a host of monitoring and communication services. Gentex offers scalable solutions from driver-centric features to wholistic vehicle monitoring.


As connected-car features grow, so does the need for security. Automotive biometrics systems analyze physical characteristics (face, voice, fingerprints) to identify the driver prior to granting vehicle and/or information access.

  • Iris-scan occupant authentication for custom security, comfort and convenience
  • Mirror-borne camera and emitters; ideal location for system components
  • System provides secure, customized vehicle operation and personalization
  • Authorizes secure in-vehicle transactions and other V2I functionality
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Cabin Monitoring

In 2021, Gentex acquired Guardian Optical Technologies, an Israeli startup that pioneered a unique, multi-modal sensor technology designed to provide a comprehensive suite of driver and cabin-monitoring solutions for the automotive industry.

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Driver Monitoring Systems

Gentex's mirror-integrated, camera-based driver monitoring system (DMS) can monitor alertness, gaze location, behavior, and driver readiness for autopilot return of control. 

  • Driver distraction
  • Driver drowsiness
  • Return of manual vehicle control

In-Cabin Monitoring

Next-gen systems must not only monitor the driver, but also the passengers and the entire vehicle cabin. Gentex’s in-cabin monitoring system (ICMS) incorporates passenger activity by tracking:

  • Occupant detection
  • Passenger posture and behavior
  • Objects left behind
  • Restraint optimization 
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Cabin Sensing

Gentex is experienced in sensing technology. Combining our smoke and chemical detection technologies offer complete, wholistic sensing applications for the automotive industry and other key markets.


Particulate Sensing

Gentex’s in-vehicle smoke detector uses particulate sensing to detect smoke or vape. The module continuously samples active or passive airflow from the vehicle cabin.

  • Detects smoke, vape, VOCs, explosives and other airborne contaminates
  • Sensor located in vehicle’s HVAC ductwork or overhead unit
  • Ideal for ride sharing and autonomous vehicles
  • Keep passengers safe and fleet vehicles in operation

Chemical Sensing

In 2020, Gentex acquired the Utah-based startup, Vaporsens – A nanofiber sensing technology is that is capable of detecting a wide variety of chemicals, from explosives to volatile organic compounds, with widespread application in a multitude of industries.

  • Uses nanofiber sensors tuned to detect target chemicals
  • Nanofibers “capture” targeted molecules from air sampling
  • Allows for the survey of ambient air, headspace or gaseous samples
  • Rapid response – within seconds
  • High sensitivity
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